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Our Goal and Main Focus is to offer:
  • a safe, family friendly environment for South African families to be able to connect and network with fellow South Africans.
  • a platform and service, where you can enjoy and celebrate your Afrikaans and South African culture.
  • a platform to teach our youth about our South African values and culture.
  • a platform for anyone in need to connect to our culture and meet like-minded South Africans.
  • a platform to Connect with South African social goups and business networks.
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Our Club is a member-based club and registered as a non-for-profit organisation.
Everyone on the committee and in the club’s, organisation are all volunteers. We are passionate to help our South African people and to further our Afrikaans language and culture in Australia.
The more we grow together as a Club, the more we can offer our members, the South African community and our youth.

Australian councils and governments offer great opportunities for organizations such as ours, where we could possibly receive funding in the forms of grants. Such grants and government support will assist us to further expand our club facilities and services that we offer our members.
To achieve this, we need to establish a strong member base and show local governments that we have a great need to live out our South African culture and share it with Australian communities.